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We are an Italian Company of clothing. From the design to the style till the progress of the work and in the end we realize all the working cycles concerning the clothes.
We are used to linking our experience to the innovation through constant researches to assure technical details. To do all of this there is a real team of people who follow every needs to realize the final products with complete attention and care. All our production is carried out in the Italian territory. 




All of our team is formed by women who work with attention and craft care. We believe that the quality of the product, the service towards the customer, the security into the working places, the emplyment of young men and women, the respect of the environement are the best elements to assure a perfect product. This appears as a good example of female efficiency and creativity. We all love what we do and this allows us to give that added value  which is only produced by an original PASSION. 


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The characteristic of our articles is that of being thought and realized with tailor's care and skills! All of our products are based on the functionality. We know how to sew and project our articles of clothing. They are not only beautiful, but they are definitely comfortable and they own a unique wearability. Our outfit are conceived for the woman of nowadays , to make her be well, comfortable in every situation. 

We inaugurate a new destination of fashion: chic and modernity which will last forever. 

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We don't waste anything! We recycle the pieces of clothes which we haven't used in order to reassemble them again, realizing different solutions. They will be always beautiful and original. According to this point of view we run all of our activities, with the firm belief.